Hello! I am a 5th year Bachelor of Architecture Undergraduate and 1st year Master of Science in Sustainable Design student at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Who am I?
Originally from TianJin China, I lived in Bangalore India for 2 years before moving to Raleigh North Carolina. By living in so many vastly different locations all around the world, I have come to recognize and appreciate the role of nature on a person's well-being. Our innate biology depends on nature to help us refresh and refocus, and thus biophilia plays an important role in aiding one's experience within a space (especially when that experience is a prolonged one). 

By exploring the integration of biophilia with other fields such as lighting design, sustainable design, computational design, material research, and educational research, I strive to enhance the built environment in a meaningful way that puts the human experience (noticeable and unnoticeable) at the forefront of my focus. 

For my resume or portfolio.

For inquiry, please contact me via email at cxb@andrew.cmu.edu. Thank you!