F18 Eco-Harmony

Project Partner: Ophelie Tousignant

7 week project for a Sustainable Megastructure of 7 million square feet located on Pier 76 in New York City, Hell’s Kitchen/Chelsea neighborhood. The project involved 7 weeks of extensive research, site analysis, and massing studies as a collective studio before formal design development. The project is imaged in 100 years into the future of New York with considerations for advanced technologies and exaggerated climate conditions based on current climate projections.

A building needs 3 focuses for livability: geology, sociology, and ecology. Each of these parts can be played with to overpower the others, and we have found that although most large-scale buildings today are asked to be sustainable, these buildings tend to allow social factors or infrastructure to overpower ecology. Thus we ask the question...

Can geology(built), sociology(people), and ecology(nature) harmoniously work together in a large-scale design?

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