WHO are involved?


Vivian Loftness is a professor at CMU who specializes in sustainable design and environmental systems. She was awarded the Sacred Tree Award by USBGC and is at the forefront of sustainability discussions within the green architecture community. Vivian is my professor, but also my employer and mentor. Through our conversations during my study abroad until now, we were able to narrow down from the broad topic of sustainability to this specific focus on the externalization of building programming. Through our ongoing meetings, we will continue exploring the extent to which we can break away from the “box”.

Herbert Dreiseitl is the Cofounder of DREISEITLconsulting and Founder of Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl. He is an internationally recognized landscape architect who is recognized for his expertise in Urban Planning in Resilience and Climate Adaptation and Landscape Architecture and Waterscapes. He has in-depth knowledge of the climate-based design and has both professional and academic experience in topics regarding environment and human relationships. Currently, he is doing research in his own firm regarding human-nature built relationships in collaboration with NUS and ETH, and thus could provide insight into this thesis topic.

Marantha (Putu) Dawkins is an adjunct faculty member in the CMU School of Architecture. Putu works at Epiphyte Lab and focuses on ecological frameworks in relation to social and urban contexts. Currently, she splits her time between teaching courses such as Bioplastics to Environment, Form, and Feedback at CMU and working at the Epiphyte Lab that balances technology and architectural design to create ecological designs that are contextual and resilient. Through our discussions, we investigate the social implications of externalized programming and the impacts it could have on how people interact with one another, how their relationship with nature changes from the current norm, and what are possible opportunities that can be derived from this new way of approaching building programming.

Christina Brown