Fall + Spring 2020  |  Project Partners: Cotey AndereggScarlet Tong
Models: Wilford Liu, Hannah Cornish, Ruoming Xin, Melinda Looney, Bill Gao, Jessica Timczyk, Surya Singla, Abigail Stevenson, Lucy Altus

Water is everywhere.

That’s the world we live in now. We inherited the mistakes from our ancestors, and nature has turned its back on us. As all the ice vanished and the sea level risen, all of our glorious past has been engulfed by the sea. A new mode of living was found. To survive, one must master the navigation of the water’s surface. Here we present effervescent, examples of everyday wear in our water centric lifestyle.

This was exhibited at the Lunar Gala Fashion show: Yesterday 2020, and pieces were featured on Style412 social media platforms, and sold to interested buyers. 

Prototyping, Making, Trying  
This project used primarily hot pink nylon, clear and translucent vinyl fabric, and different types of standard fabrics. Inspired by bright orange flotation devices, the design pieces are heat welded together and sewn to other vinyls, fabrics, and some wire framing. 

Design logos, fasteners, mouth pieces and more were attached to the design pieces to allow for the designs to be pumped with air and unify the overall design look. 

Vinyl glue, tape, and other joining methods were initially explored to test for its ability to seal, retain air, and it’s aesthetic look. The final approach was finalized based on these criterias.